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Seamless Flooring For Gymnasiums
Pad & Pour Gymnasium Floor Alternative To Hardwood With Shock Absorbency & Flexibility
multi-purpose rooms, weight room floors, indoor running track surfaces, gym floors, aerobics room flooring & locker room floors.
Are you looking for hardwood gymnasium floors but don't have the budget to afford one? SignaFlor is a low-maintenance pad and pour athletic floor surface that is seamless, durable, and highly shock absorbent to reduce the risk of injury to athletes, making it an excellent alternative to hardwood floors for gymansiums. SignaFlor makes a great surface for
Sheet Vinyl Flooring & Rolled Vinyl Floors
Rolled Vinyl Flooring for Gyms, Dance Studios, Aerobics & Equipment Areas

SignaFlex is an attractive rolled vinyl flooring product that is easy to install and maintain. If you are looking for a real wood appearance without the expense, this is the best option available for you.

Suitable for gymnasiums, locker rooms, yoga or aerobics studios, equipment rooms, common areas, and more, SignaFlex offers many options and benefits:
TrackDeck high performance rolled rubber flooring is a great choice for running tracks. Available in 8mm, this environmentally friendly recycled rubber flooring supports athletes with optimal coefficient of friction and shock absorption. Choose from 3 standard colors or ask about custom floor options. Lines and markers are created with inlayed contrasting EPDM chips to provide a safe and attractive running surface.
 high performance rolled rubber flooring 
Ideal for indoor jogging tracks, tennis courts, gymnasium surfaces, aerobic centers and ice rink perimeters. 
Wet Area Flooring & Perimeter Pool Floors
SignaFlex Aqua is our wet area flooring product perfect for locker rooms, pool areas, and anywhere  cleanliness, hygiene, waterproofing, and safety are important. SignaFlex Aqua is a textured rolled vinyl flooring product perfect for barefoot traffic areas such as poolside, steam rooms, whirlpool areas, and shower areas. SignaFlex Aqua LR is a smooth, yet slip-resistant waterproof floor ideal for soft-soled, high traffic areas like the locker room, corridors, common areas, and more.
Rubber Floor Tiles For High Traffic Areas
Durable Rubber Floor Tiling For Commercial Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Cafeterias & Gyms
SignaDeck premier rubber flooring is our most durable and versatile modular sports flooring product. These ultra tough tiles are as attractive as they are strong, making them the perfect solution for weight rooms, cardiovascular rooms, aerobic rooms, common areas, swimming areas, locker rooms, rehabilitation centers, healthcare facilities, corridors, commercial buildings, and any high traffic areas. Add the optional 6.5mm rubber underlayment to the 3mm surface tile for extra shock and sound absorption.
Hardwood Gym Flooring For Basketball, Volleyball & More
SignaWood combines classic wood aesthetics with modern engineering to create the ultimate sports flooring. This beautiful beech plank flooring provides the perfect surface for the most demanding activities while creating an elegant and expensive appearance. This is the premium flooring solution for basketball and volleyball courts, gym floors, aerobic rooms, multi-purpose facilities, yoga and dance studios, and anywhere a beautiful sprung hardwood floor is desired.
Rubber Sports Flooring for Gyms, Weight Rooms & More
Our Most Durable Flooring Product for Repeated Abuse - RubberDeck
RubberDeck is our most durable sports flooring product and can withstand repeated battering by dropped weights. This super shock absorbent Earth-friendly flooring is made from the highest quality recycled rubber and colorful EPDM flecks.
Available in four varieties:

  •  RubberDeck Rolls - general   purpose rolled rubber 
          Available in 6mm, 8mm and     
          9.5mm rolls
  • RubberDeck Puzzle Tiles - interlocking rubber tiles
          Tile Size: 8mm x 2´ x 2´
  • RubberDeck Super Tiles - heavy-duty raised square tiles
          Tile Size: 1” x 2´ x 2´ 
          Transitional Edging is available
  • TrackDeck - high performance dual-layered rolls
          Available in 8mm rolls
Get Tough Protection For Your Gym Floors
Before You Hold A Special Event On Your Hardwood or Polyurethane Floors, Protect Them From Damage With A Gym Floor Cover
t's easy to convert any space to a multipurpose venue with GymDeck and CarpetDeck gym floor covers. Protect your gym floor during special events, concerts, and graduations with these easily assembled attractive floor covers - without breaking your budget!
GymDeck™ (GD)  is a specially designed rigid ABS gym floor cover that interlocks to create a uniform protective layer over wooden or polyurethane gym floor.
GymDeck Features: 

  •  Easy installation 
  •  Durable ABS design 
  •  Textured top surface for added slip resistance
COMMERCIAL: Indoor Wood, Rubber & Vinyl Florring & Floor Covers  
For Weight Rooms, Dance Studios, Aerobics, Gymnasium, Running Tracks, Baskerball & Volleyball Courts, Pool Area's, Common Area's and More.
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